PVC Fills

We Sgct Manufacturing Pvc Fills Optimally Designed To Achieve (with Both Edges Folded) High Surface Area For Given Volume Pvc Fills Are Made By Continuous Forming And Offer Minimum Resistance To Airflow, Providing More Cooling By Lower Power Consumption. They Have Uniform Thickness Throughout. Durable Folded Edges Provide, Strength At Critical Locations On The Fill. The Fills Are Easy To Glue At Site Thus Saving On Transportation Costs

Details :

  • 12 Mm Flute Size
  • 17 Mm Flute Size
  • 19 Mm Flute Size
  • 27mm Flute Size
  • 32-27 Mm Flute Size
  • And The Length, Width & Height Are Coming According To Client Requirement


01. Material


02. Application
Fill in the cooling tower and add water retention time


03. Warranty
1 Year

Additional Information

01. Min. Order Quantity
50 Piece(s)