Cooling Tower Torque Tube Supplier


The fan is kept in place within the fan cylinder by a torque-tube unitized support, which also ensures that the motor and gear reducer remain in constant alignment with one another. After assembly, the unit is hot-dip galvanized and consists of big diameter tubing, hefty angles, and plate that has been welded together. We Are Leading Cooling Tower Torque Tube Supplier

S.G.Cooling Tower Torque Tube

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Cooling Tower Torque Tube

Salient features of Cooling Tower Torque Tube:

  • Cooling Torque tube unitised supports assure permanent alignment of sections
  • The one-of-a-kind design ensures that the assembly is resistant to twisting along any and all possible axes of movement.
  • A high level of resistance to both movement and vibrations


S.G Gasket & Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.


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03. Warranty
1 Year

Additional Information

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10 Piece(s)