Cooling Tower Fan Cylinder With Recovery Cone Manufacturer

Sgct Fan Cylinders Feature Venture- Shaped Eased Inlets And Closed Blade Tip Clearances. The Fan Stack Does Far More Than Protect Operating Personnel From A Rotating Fan. It Is A Vital Link In The Chain Of Critical Components That Contribute To The Overall Efficiency Of Cooling Tower. When Correctly Designed, Manufactured And Supplied, It Assures The Fan Will Be Capable Of Moving The Maximum Amount Of Air Through Tower At The Minimum Required Horsepower.

Detail : For An Optimum Fan Performance, The Fan Stack Must Have Dimensional Stability For A Perfect Fan-Tip Clearance, Proper Smooth Air Intake And At The Exhaust Side A Flare Of 7-8 Deg. The Fan Stacks We Manufacture Are Of 8 Degree Flare Diffuser Type With Elliptical Or Parabolic Air Inlet. Fans Stacks Are Taken Up For Manufacturing After Approval Of Drawings By Client, We Use Best Materials Unsaturated Polyester And Fiber Csm. The Fan Stack Thickness, Dimensional Stability And Weight Per Segment Are Maintained Throughout The Manufacturing Process.


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